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Pentair Partners Incentive Program Has Launched

Pentair Foodservice is pleased to announce the launch of its new Pentair Partners Incentive Program. This Program is a rewards platform created to provide its members with sales incentives and marketing tools designed to help grow their businesses. 

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World of Coffee 2017 Best New Product Winners Announced

Pentair Everpure is pleased to announce the following recognition by the Specialty Coffee Association: Everpure Conserv 75E, Winner of Best New Product-Commercial Equipment Electrical Special Mention-World of Coffee 2017.

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See why coffee lovers (and makers) worldwide choose Pentair Everpure through the new Water for Coffee Lovers video

Pentair Everpure reached out to customers all over the world to get their perspective regarding the importance of water quality in preparing the perfect specialty coffee or espresso beverage, and the role Everpure solutions play in the process. Check out the new specialty coffee video now available.

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Everpure 2016 World Barista Championship Sponsorship Coffee Video Previewed During Event

During this year's World Bartista Championship (WBC) held in Dublin, Ireland, Pentair Everpure was once again the official water sponsor. Check out the new specialty coffee video we introduced during the event.

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Everpure Creates Successful 'Drinking Water' School Case in China.

Kuancheng district’s schools direct drinking project which chooses Everpure commercial water quality system features in “safe, healthy, energy saving, green, cheaper, convenient”, is leading the direct drinking projects of school in China.

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NEW Everpure SI Systems - 0.5 Micron Sediment Filtration for Ice Applications

Pentair Foodservice is pleased to announce a new family of Everpure SI Systems designed to deliver premium quality water for ice applications. The SI System family is available in 4SI Single and PF Single configurations and 7SI Single, Twin, Triple and Quad Systems with and without prefiltration. These unique 0.5 micron, sediment filtration systems are great for ice applications and offers dirt reduction, slime reduction and scale protection, all in a single solution. Additionally, Everpure 4SI and 7SI Cartridges meet ASHRAE Standard 188 which is designed to prevent bacteria from entering and/or reproducing in a hospital water system. 

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Claris Ultra: Hardness Reduction, Mineral Stabilization & Corrosion Inhibition.

The tempting aromas of high quality roasted coffee can only be truly developed in tandem with water that has the ideal mineral content, alkalinity and acidity. When there is harmony between the coffee roast and the water, unpleasant caffeic acid is avoided, the crema is the right, and the taste and aroma are perfected. However, achieving the perfect coffee needs to be balanced against the need to protect and maintain the expensive brewing machines. That's where the new Claris ULTRA from Pentair can help.

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Endurance SC: High Flow Filtration for High Volume Operations.

Pentair Foodservice has introduced the Everpure® Endurance® SC High Flow Water Filtration System to help foodservice operations keep pace with their expanding beverage menus, even in water high in dirt and other solids. The system is an ideal solution for foodservice operations that have challenges such as frequent water filter changes due to premature carbon filter clogging, high particulate content in source water, and desire protection from disease-causing waterborne cysts*†. The new system helps to improve the quality of beverages, increase efficiency and performance of water-using equipment, and can help to improve the total cost of ownership for beverage systems, brewers and ice machines.

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Expand your water filtration system with the Everpure SEN Upgrade Kit.

As beverage menus continue to grow, Pentair Everpure wants to help customers keep up, and the new Everpure SEN Upgrade Kit can do just that. Retrofitting an existing Everpure High Flow CSR System with the Everpure SEN Upgrade Kit is a cost-effective way to dramatically increase filtration capacity without having to invest in a another Everpure manifold. 

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Introducing Pentair Everpure® MRS-100BL/225BL/350BL Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems.

The new Everpure MRS-100BL/225BL/350BL Reverse Osmosis Systems by Pentair put the operator in control of their water recipe, and facilitates the brewing of perfect coffees and iced teas as well as promoting high quality ice production.

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The experience is everything.

The NAMA OneShow is the premier opportunity for vending, coffee service, foodservice and micro-market industries to come together, providing a valued platform for business-building ideas, educational programs and networking.

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Eltek® Water Block. A low cost, automatic, reliable and proven flood protection device.

70%+ of point-of-use water-using equipment leaks (think of a coffee brewing station, for example) are caused by someone other than the service operator moving the equipment, and the Eltek Water Block from Pentair is a perfect solution for this problem. This unique yet simple device can help protect your operation from potentially disruptive and expensive water damage for less than the cost of a coffee airpot.

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Where residential, commercial and industrial markets come together through water.

The Water Quality Association‘s (WQA) annual convention draws in multiple water industry groups each year and provides education, training, networking and business opportunities to both manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

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Dirt reduction, scale protection and reduced slime, all from a single cartridge!

Want optimum performance from your ice machine and clear, clean ice for the drinks you serve valued customers? Get the Pentair Everpure 4SI Carbonless Ice Filter Cartridge.

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Pentair Everpure Golden Bean

09/13/2017 to 09/16/2017
Portland, Oregon

Pentair Everpure presents The Golden Bean, the world’s largest coffee roasters competition and conference, attracting attendance from over 100 coffee roasting businesses. The conference consists of a number of educational workshops and social functions, as well as a competition to find North America’s best coffee roasting business. To compete, coffee companies submit their entries and the coffees are judged by roasters through a blind tasting format in over 10 categories and brew methods.

The Golden Bean invites roasters to not only send in their entries, but also to participate in the seminars and social events. This creates a valuable opportunity for roasters to network with each other and form great alliances within the industry.

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The New York Coffee Festival

10/13/2017 to 10/15/2017
New York, New York

The New York Coffee Festival is New York’s flagship coffee event, celebrating the growing specialty coffee scene. Now in its second year, the festival features live experiences from over 85 coffee, food and equipment suppliers. Based on the highly successful programs in London and Amsterdam, this event is an unmissable show for all key industry stakeholders and serious coffee lovers. More than 12,000 visitors are expected from around the world. Visitors enjoy endless free coffee tastings, interactive workshops, demonstrations from world-class baristas, street food, coffee cocktails, live music, art and more.

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NAMA Coffee Tea & Water

11/06/2017 to 11/08/2017
Grapevine, Texas

The NAMA Coffee Tea & Water (CTW) is the world’s largest coffee service event dedicated to the US coffee services industry. The show offers a full blend of programming to boost your business, including an Exhibit floor full of introductions of new equipment, innovative products and unique coffee, tea, and water products. This Expo also has an unprecedented program with actionable insights from industry experts. It is focused on unique and valuable education sessions covering industry related trends, best practices, and business involved in preparing, brewing, serving, marketing, and selling these popular products. 

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