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From training and product selection, to marketing and point of sale support, Pentair Everpure® is your Office Coffee & Water Service (OCS) water treatment partner. We will help you turn beverage programs into a profit center. By offering a premium water program to your customers, you can increase your annual profits and, by offering great ingredient water, you will always sell more coffee.

Pentair Everpure designs water filter systems that deliver a virtually unlimited supply of clean, crisp, refreshing water without the hassles and headaches of bottled water. After all, bottled water poses many inconveniences including the weight and storage of large jugs, as well as ongoing expenses involved with routine water delivery. Everpure-branded filters are installed in bottleless coolers or drinking fountains, providing your office with a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water at a substantial savings over bottled water. 

Not only will water taste better with Pentair Everpure filtration, but it will also provide protection against contaminants. With our exclusive precoat technology, Everpure submicron filtration removes particles as small as 0.5-micron in size by mechanical means*.

Office water filters also reduce lead to below the Federal Action Level of 15 ppb. Plus, Pentair Everpure office water filters carry NSF certification under Standards 42 and 53, assuring you quality, consistency and integrity. 

OCS water filters take care of your coffee, too. They can be plumbed directly to coffee brewers and other water-using appliances. With built-in scale inhibitors, Pentair Everpure OCS filters prevent limescale from accumulating and damaging equipment. Brewers work better, last longer, and flawlessly deliver great-tasting coffee.

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