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Espresso is 85-96% water. Making a good espresso is an art form, but premium filtered water from Pentair Everpure is a great start toward creating the perfect cup.

Brewing a perfect espresso beverage requires proper management of a number of variables, including the grind of the bean, the dosing, the temperature of the water, the brewing pressure, the tamp pressure, the extraction time and the mineral content of the water – and, of course, the blend and roasting of the beans, the quality of the espresso machine and the skill of the barista. 

We can help you with the ingredient water component which, unfiltered and out of a tap, is a complex solution of chemicals, organics and minerals, with ranging pH and alkalinity characteristics. Poor quality water can impact espresso beverages in a number of ways:

  • Scale can cause poor pre-infusion and channeling through the puck, leading to under-extraction and thus a weak drink.
  • Reduced pressure due to scale buildup can lead to little or no crema.
  • Chlorine can alter both aroma and taste. It oxidizes aromatics and oils, increasing a beverage’s acidity.
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS) can cause poor extraction. Under-extraction leads to weak and sour drinks, while over-extraction leads to bitterness.

If you are experiencing scaling or corrosion of your espresso equipment, poor quality water is the likely culprit. One which increases downtime risk and maintenance costs, but also negatively impacts your ability to produce quality espressos.

  • Scale on machine components can lower operating temperature and limit flow, causing poor extraction and reduced steam for frothing.
  • Chlorides can attack metals, especially stainless steel, forming “rust” on surfaces and causing holes that can lead to leaks and loss of pressure.
  • Corrosion can damage copper boilers.

Pentair Everpure filtration solutions provide consistently clean water while retaining the perfect amount of mineral content for espresso applications, and protect your equipment investment by reducing scale damage and corrosion for:

  • Premium water quality so that every espresso cup produced tastes great
  • Lower downtime, equipment maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Loyal, repeat customers and increased profitability.

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