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Ice is 100% water and 70% of service calls are water-related.

Good quality ice has a sparkle to it and when you serve a refreshing glass of ice water, you want it to look clean and crystal clear. Pentair Everpure® filtration solutions remove particulates that result in cloudy, “soft” ice, as well as reduce other contaminants that improve taste and odor. In addition, our water treatment systems control scale buildup in ice making equipment to maintain peak operating efficiency and extend working life.

Whether you’re using a cube, flaker or nugget style ice machine, Pentair Everpure filtration solutions deliver the high quality water you need to produce clean, clear ice for customers while protecting an expensive equipment investment by addressing challenges such as:

  • Hard water can lead to cloudy, misshapen ice and “mushy”, fast-melting ice.
  • High iron content can promote slime buildup inside machine and bin, which is not only unappealing but can also cause corrosion.
  • Scale buildup can cause reduced ice production, longer harvesting cycles or complete machine “freeze up”.
  • Dirt, sediment and scale can cause valves to stick which may result in continuously leaking water, bridging of cubes, or preventing ice production altogether.
  • Scale on the water-cooled condenser coil can increase water usage.
  • Metal corrosion due to chlorine and chlorides in water.
  • Mineral solids, dirt and sediment can be abrasive, causing premature component wear.

Our filtration systems also help reduce water and electricity usage related to ice production.

No fountain drink is complete without ice and the growing popularity of iced coffees, sweetened iced teas and more makes today’s demand for ice higher than ever. Let Pentair Everpure filtration solutions help you:

  • Keep ice machines running at peak efficiency.
  • Prevent downtime – and lost revenue – while lowering operating costs.
  • Conserve energy and capture utility savings.
  • Promote satisfied, loyal customers for increased profit.

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