Expand your water filtration system with the Everpure SEN Upgrade Kit

As beverage menus continue to grow, Pentair Everpure wants to help customers keep up, and the new Everpure SEN Upgrade Kit can do just that. Retrofitting an existing Everpure High Flow CSR System with the Everpure SEN Upgrade Kit is a cost-effective way to dramatically increase filtration capacity without having to invest in a another Everpure manifold. 

With the upgraded final system, a customer can increase their capacity by nearly 5x that of their existing Everpure High Flow CSR System. This upgrade kit also brings a set of additional valuable benefits such as longer cartridge life for once-per-year filter cartridge change-outs with, lower filtration costs per gallon, lower utility costs, and consistently outstanding performance even during periods of peak demand.

Operators can continue to enjoy all the benefits of premium Everpure filtered water while keeping their costs down. It’s a perfect way to respond to increased beverage demand while also minimizing maintenance and maximizing long-term profitability.

The kit is offered in two versions: triple and quad. To learn more about the Everpure SEN Upgrade Kits, visit their respective product pages:

EV943760 Triple SEN Upgrade Kit

EV943765 Quad SEN Upgrade Kit

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