Foodservice operators always strive to offer consistent, great-tasting beverages that keep customers happy and coming back for more. With these new products from Pentair Everpure, we help make that possible while keeping costs down and beverage profits up.

The new Everpure MRS-100BL/225BL/350BL Reverse Osmosis Systems by Pentair put the operator in control of their water recipe, and facilitates the brewing of perfect coffees and iced teas as well as promoting high quality ice production. These systems help to further expand Pentair Everpure’s already robust RO portfolio, enhanced MRS solutions which feature an adjustable blend valve for custom-tailoring of dissolved mineral content. 

How does the blending feature work? A portion of the filtered water is allowed to bypass the RO module and is blended with RO water just prior to the post-carbon filter. This helps reach the optimal TDS level necessary for your particular desired water recipe. Doing so not only helps deliver quality beverages, but also helps protect your equipment investment. High TDS content can cause damage to ice machines, steam ovens and other foodservice equipment, leading to equipment downtime risk as well as higher service and maintenance costs. The MRS-100BL/200BL/350BL can help you keep that equipment running efficiently and keep maintenance costs low for improved profitability.

To learn more about the Everpure MRS-100BL/225BL/350BL RO Systems, visit the respective model's product pages:

Up to 100 GPD: EV997073 MRS-100BL

Up to 225 GPD: EV997076 MRS-225BL

Up to 350 GPD: EV997020 MRS-350BL

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