Want optimum performance from your ice machine and clear, clean ice for the drinks you serve valued customers? Get the Pentair Everpure 4SI Carbonless Ice Filter Cartridge.

This unique, carbonless cartridge allows chlorine and chloramines that can be present in the municipal water stream to pass through the filter, helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria and slime in the ice machine and ice bin. Its scale inhibition capabilities protect your ice machine from the damage excessive scale buildup can cause, which ultimately helps keep equipment downtime, energy and service costs lower for improved profitability. That protection also helps extend the operational life your ice machine.

This new 4-size cartridge is especially ideal for countertop flake or cube ice machines where space is limited, and is a “sister” product our existing 7-size slime reduction solution, the Everpure 7SI Carbonless Ice Filter Cartridge. Both cartridges are quick and easy to install into pre-existing Everpure manifolds. 

To learn more about the Everpure 4SI or 7SI Carbonless Ice Filters, visit their respective product pages:

EV960651 4SI Filter Cartridge

EV960601 7SI Filter Cartridge

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