Claris Ultra: Hardness Reduction, Mineral Stabilization & Corrosion Inhibition

The tempting aromas of high quality roasted coffee can only be truly developed in tandem with water that has the ideal mineral content, alkalinity and acidity.  When there is harmony between the coffee roast and the water, unpleasant caffeic acid is avoided, the crema is the right, and the taste and aroma are perfected. 

Creating a great-tasting coffee beverage is truly important for any foodservice operation that wants repeat customers. However, achieving the perfect coffee needs to be balanced against the need to protect and maintain the expensive brewing machines. Machine downtime and expensive repairs can generate high unplanned costs and lost revenue. The problem is that most tap water contains dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause scale inside of espresso machines and other types of brewers. These hard deposits cause increased energy costs, cracks in boilers and clogged sensors, ports and valves.

In addition to scale and poor coffee extraction, a third challenge is corrosion of machine parts caused by aggressive water, as well as the depositing of corrosion-inducing metals.  Corrosion can eat through even stainless steel, causing leaks, destroying parts and damaging boilers. 

Modern decarbonizing water filter systems target what’s called “carbonate hardness” and can help to protect against scale. Some also allow for tailoring the mineral content to the proper water recipe for perfect brewing of coffees. They have become well established in Europe based on their reliability and effectiveness. 

However, there is only one system worldwide that effectively provides decarbonization while also stabilizing the pH drop often associated with corrosion: the Everpure Claris ULTRA Filter System from Pentair. It effectively prevents hard mineral precipitation in espresso and coffee machines, and impedes metal migration (corrosion). Everpure Claris ULTRA creates the basis for premium coffee beverages, satisfied customers and a more profitable business.

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