Everpure Creates Successful 'Drinking Water' School Case in China.

In June 2015 the Everpure Foodservice team in Shanghai successfully built a new standard for drinking water in the Kuancheng school district. In recent years, the drinking water in several areas of China had been tested as unsafe from water pollution by pipe networks and had quality issues from barreled water. Barreled water was forbidden from being offered at several primary and middle schools in some cities of China to ensure public drinking water safety. Kuancheng district, Changchun, Jilin province planned to build a direct drinking project at a school through Changchun Everpure Beverage Equipment Co. Ltd., which was one of Everpure’s dealers.

Changchun Everpure Beverage Equipment Co. Ltd. uses Everpure commercial series water quality systems to build up many healthy direct drinking projects with different scale and specialty in Changchun. The filter cartridge of commercial water quality system used in school direct drinking project of Kuancheng district are 4FC and 7FC, which solved the drinking problem of school in the Kuancheng district, which is now a model project of school healthy drinking. The new water system project currently serves 22 schools in the district and approximately 20,000 students at the primary and middle schools in which students ages range from six to sixteen. 

Kuancheng district’s schools direct drinking project which chooses Everpure commercial water quality system features in “safe, healthy, energy saving, green, cheaper, convenient”, is leading the direct drinking projects of school in China. The team is now working to replicate this projects success in other schools. 

Chapter Source from Version 3 of “China Education Newspaper” of July 8, 2015.

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