Everpure® CB20 Product Line

High flow, high capacity carbon filtration solutions for effective chlorine and chloramines reduction. 

Everpure CB20 Systems from Pentair are available in models with flow rates up to 5.5 gpm (20.9 lpm) and rated capacities from 150,000 gallons (56,781 litres) to 85,000 gallons (321,760 litres). All systems come complete with cartridge(s), gauge(s) and flush valve.

All models feature an extended service cartridge that contains radial flow granular activated carbon (GAC) which improves the taste and consistency of beverages and ice by reducing chloramines, chlorine, and other off-tastes and odors.

In addition, select models deliver additional contaminant reduction capabilities such as:

  • Reduction of chlorine taste & odor and certain VOCs.
  • Reduction of cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts by mechanical means.*

*See individual system specification sheets for performance claims and FIFRA registration information.

EPA Est. No. 002623-IL-002


Everpure CB20 Products

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