Everpure® Claris™ Prime

Developed for use in specialty coffee and direct injection combi oven applications, the Everpure Claris Prime System uses unique water purification and softening technology to effectively combine hardness reduction, mineral stabilization and corrosion inhibition.  Claris Prime is the next level in the Everpure Claris family of cartridges--where the Claris Ultra brings breakthrough technology through the combination of partial hydrogen softening and sequestering, Claris Prime goes a step beyond with three key benefits:

  • Chloride and sulphate reduction
  • Adjustable chloride and sulphate levels
  • Adjustable total dissolved solid (TDS) levels

Claris Prime also:

  • Protects equipment from scale and mineral-induced corrosion in areas with high TDS, chloride (Cl-) and sulphate (SO4) content in the feed water
  • Removes harmful contaminants and unpleasant odors and tastes
  • Removes particles down to five (5) microns for highest equipment protection
  • Features a 6-stage filtration process

Claris is a trademark of Aquis GmbH.

  • Chlorine reduction
  • Hardness reduction
  • Ion exchange
  • Mineral stabilization
  • Particulate reduction
  • Scale control
  • TDS reduction
  • Water conditioning/softening
  • Chlorides & sulphates reduction

Capacity: 1,255 gallons (4,750 L) for Espresso; 557 gallons (2,110 L) for Direct Injection Combi Ovens*

Maximum Flow: 1 gpm (3.8 Lpm)

Quantity per Case: 1

Micron Rating: 5.00

Working Pressure: 29 - 116 psi (2 - 8 bar), non-shock

Max. Temp: 39 - 86°F (4 - 30°C)

Dimensions: H: 18.56” (47.1 cm) x D: 6.89" (17.5 cm)

* This capacity is based on influent water TDS of ppm, hardness of 180 ppm and chloride 60 ppm with standard bypass settings.