Everpure® CLM Product Line

A simple solution for chloramines reduction so your beverages will taste exactly as they should - clean and refreshing.

The Everpure 7CLM+, XCLM+, and 7CLM Filter Cartridges from Pentair are NSF-certified to reduce chloramines and a wide variety of other contaminants, making them excellent filters for fountain beverage, frozen carbonated beverage and drinking water applications. Pairing them with a scale control device such as the Everpure SR-X Scale Inhibition System provides additional protection for coffee, espresso, ice and steam applications.

The Everpure CLM+ Cartridges offer many benefits for foodservice operators, including:

  • Enhance beverage quality. The system reduces unpleasant tastes and odors, and other offensive containments that can adversely affect the taste of beverages. It also helps fountain beverages retain carbonation.
  • High capacity. With twice the capacity of our original CLM series, CLM+ Cartridges deliver extended service life and requires fewer change-outs, reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce contaminants. In addition to reducing chloramines, its technology reduces particles as small as 5 micron in size by mechanical means. 
  • Extends equipment life. The CLM+ Cartridges protect drink system seals, pumps, tubing and small orifices from chemical degradation, clogging, corrosion and abrasive wear.
  • Simple. Quick. Clean. Sanitary cartridge replacement is just that – simple, quick and clean. Internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination.
  • Confidence. The CLM+ Cartridges are certified against NSF Standard 42 for Taste & Odor, Chloramines, Chlorine, Particulate Class I.

Pentair also offers two additional models designed for use in low volume, point-of-use water and coffee applications: Everpure 2CLM and 2CLM-S, respectively.

Everpure CLM+ Cartridges can be paired with new or existing Everpure heads and are featured in a number of packaged systems, including:

  • Everpure Coldrink CLM+ Systems
  • Everpure QC7I CLM+ Systems
  • Everpure High Flow CSR CLM+ Systems
  • Everpure Dual Inlet-Outlet CLM+/7SI Systems

*See individual system specification sheets for performance claims and FIFRA registration information.

EPA Est. No. 002623-IL-002

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