Everpure® Endurance® Product Line

Delivers premium quality water for high volume, combination applications.

Everpure Endurance High Flow Filtration Systems can meet your peak water demands today and tomorrow. Up to 200,000 gallon (757,082 litres) capacity and no electricity or drain required!

  • High capacity allows for once-per-year filter change-outs.
  • Unique pleated microfilter particulate reduction system by mechanical means.*
  • Features Everpure SEN Cartridges with proprietary Fibredyne™ II media for superior contaminant reduction and outstanding dirt-capturing capabilities.
  • Offers cyst and microbial reduction by mechanical means.*
  • Utilizes Everpure 2SR-BW Phosphate Cartridge for scale reduction.
  • Compact design nearly the same footprint as the Everpure High Flow CSR Quad System.

Twin, triple and quad configurations available with flow rates from 7.5 GPM (28.4 LPM) to 15.0 GPM (56.8 LPM), and rated capacities from 100,000 gallons (378,540 litres) to 200,000 gallons (757,080 litres).

Convenient Endurance Cartridge Replacement Kits are available for each of the aforementioned configurations.

Do you have an existing Everpure High Flow CSR Filtration System?

Pentair created the Everpure SEN Upgrade Kit with you in mind. Retrofitting with a SEN Triple or Quad Upgrade Kit is the cost-effective way to dramatically increase your filtration capacity without having to invest in another Everpure Quad Manifold. Customers can continue to enjoy all the benefits of premium Everpure filtered water, while helping keep costs down. It’s a perfect way to respond to increased beverage demand while also minimizing maintenance and maximizing long-term profitability.

*See individual system specification sheets for performance claims and FIFRA registration information.

EPA Est. No. 002623-IL-002

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