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For any foodservice operation in need of water treatment due to high levels of Total Dissolved Solids  (TDS) in its water, a reverse osmosis system is an effective – yet often costly – necessity. In fact, reverse osmosis is by far the most practical and effective solution for removing TDS from water and consistently achieving high quality ingredient water.

The good news is that RO solutions can be “greener” with Everpure MRS-600 High Efficiency RO Systems by Pentair.

While conventional RO systems send 4 gallons of waste water to drain for every 1 gallon of RO water produced – Everpure MRS-600 Systems send only 1/4 gallon of wastewater to drain for every 1 gallon or RO water produced.

Everpure® MRS-600HE and MRS-600HE-II RO Systems are high output, highly efficient, configurable reverse osmosis systems rated at 600 gallons (2,271 litres) per day nominal. Depending on the model selected, these systems will deliver RO and/or blended filtered water for multiple foodservice applications. Our MRS-600 System solutions are ideal for use with coffee brewers, espresso machines, steamers, combi-ovens and ice machine applications.

We also offer a range of Everpure MRS-RO Systems that will produce 20 to 350 gallons (76 to 1,325 litres) of fresh, clean, pure, back-of-house RO water per day. These RO solutions:

  • Protect against taste- and odor-causing contaminants while removing dirt, particulates and dissolved minerals.
  • Improve equipment life and performance by removing 90%+ of all dissolved solids that cause scale buildup.
  • Reduce limescale buildup that can cause excessive machine downtime, increased maintenance costs, and higher energy costs due to scale buildup on equipment heating elements and boilers.
  • Offer controlled remineralization using the CC Cartridge, or blending - desirable for coffee that requires some hardness for proper extraction, and for tea brewing for the proper release of flavonoids.

Pentair’s Everpure-branded RO portfolio also includes MRS-CC models which introduce a small amount of hardness minerals back into the treated water, and BL Series systems with an adjustable blend valve to allow for custom tailoring of dissolved mineral content in the treated water.

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