Everpure® Scalekleen®/SR-X Product Lines

Restore water-using equipment to peak performance with smart, environmentally safe methods for reducing scale buildup and deliming.

Scale buildup can increase energy usage and equipment maintenance costs while shortening equipment life. Economical Pentair Everpure brand solutions are available to control this buildup and periodically remove any accumulation.

Everpure ScaleKleen Scale Remover:

  • Quickly removes limescale from coffee brewers.
  • Ideal for deliming stream and warewashing equipment.
  • Great for office coffee service applications.
  • Non-toxic, safer to skin and won't burn clothing.
  • Safe for sewer system disposal.
  • Comes in both canister- and packet-based forms.

When used with Everpure JT Cartridges, Kleensteam® or HFC-10 systems, deliming is accomplished without the need for equipment disassembly.

Everpure SR-X Scale Inhibitor System:

  • Ideal for coffee, steamer and combination equipment applications.
  • Inhibits limescale buildup by dispensing a controlled amount of Hydroblend™ compound, ideal for high temperature locations.
  • Provides a more consistent polyphosphate feed and longer life.
  • Housing converts to ScaleKleen™ Feeder for periodic delimings.

For locations with high capacity scale reduction, pair with the Everpure SS-XL ScaleStick® Cartridge (sold separately) for up to 4x greater scale reduction capacity than the standard SR-X System.

Everpure Scalekleen/SR-X Products

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