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Carbonless ice filters provide particulate reduction and scale inhibition, plus help reduce slime in ice machines by allowing chlorine disinfectant to pass through.

Everpure 4SI and 7SI Cartridges from Pentair are designed specifically for ice applications where scale and slime buildup are of concern. Its slime reduction technology is especially ideal for foodservice operations where baking of breads and pastries is done on-site.

Why is slime, in particular, so problematic and difficult to control?

  • Mold or fungus grows on surfaces that are exposed to moisture and warm temperatures, creating slime.
  • Bacteria can be introduced through the air, through water or the touch of human hands.
  • Slime can cause an objectionable taste, odor and color of ice.
  • Ice machines and ice bins are not properly sanitized or cleaned often enough.

Our Everpure SI Cartridges do not include carbon so chlorine disinfectant is allowed to pass through the filter to reduce slime and bacteria growth inside the ice machine and ice bin. And while slime reduction is a key feature, SI Filters offer much more than that:

  • Sediment and particulate reduction to ½-micron by mechanical means* which reduces the clogging of screens, valves and tubing, and improves the clarity of the ice produced.
  • Reduces cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means.*
  • Scale inhibitor helps prevent scale damage, reducing service costs and ice machine downtime.
  • Can retrofit to existing Everpure QC Heads, minimizing disruption to the operation and avoiding the costs associated with installing a completely new filtration system.
  • An operation-friendly alternative to UV technology – Everpure SI Cartridges do no not have the risk of UV breakage, which can cause temporary evacuation of the kitchen and requires special cleanup procedures.
  • The 4SI model is sized to fit in a limited space, such as inside a cabinet or behind a countertop ice machine.

*See individual system specification sheets for performance claims and FIFRA registration information.

EPA Est. No. 002623-IL-002

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