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Good water quality is something that, unfortunately, cannot be taken for granted so it’s important to be proactive in understanding what’s in your water.

Variables such as aging water distribution systems, the potential for water source contamination, and the type or condition of your operation’s plumbing are just some of the factors that can impact source water quality. And while some water issues are obvious, others are invisible and thus more challenging to detect.

So, to protect your customers, your water-using equipment investment and more, it’s smart to know what’s in your water. Pentair offers a range of water testing and analysis options to help you do just that.

Our popular, program-based option is Everpure SMARTWORKSSM which offers everything an operator needs to understand their current water quality conditions, and identify the appropriate Everpure brand water treatment solution to address any resulting concerns. The program centers around:

  • An easy-to-use water test kit.
  • A custom water analysis designed to help a foodservice operator better understand their water quality.
  • A tailored Pentair Everpure product recommendation – the right solution to ensure the operator has premium water to serve, and water-using equipment that operates in peak condition.

We also offer TDS meters, several dip-style test strip kits, and a titration test kit for carbonate hardness.

Two full-service testing and analysis options are available as well. The Everpure Standard Foodservice Analysis includes a water bottle and lab analysis of 30 water contaminants and characteristics. Our most robust option is the Everpure Standard Foodservice and Organics Analysis covers which covers those same 30 water contaminants and characteristics plus TTHM’s, VOC’s and bacteria.

For more information on water testing and analysis, contact your Pentair Everpure Partner or Pentair Everpure Technical Support by phone at 800.942.1153, or email at

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