Shurflo® Electric Pump Product Line

Solutions include electric delivery, transfer, carbonator and water boost pumps for beverage applications.

Models are self-priming, can run dry without damage, and are available for low, medium and high pressure applications. Systems are NSF/UL/CSA-listed and/or utilize recognized components. Our offering includes pumps models which feature:

  • Operating pressures up to 150 PSI [10.34 BAR].
  • Flow rates up to 3.3 GPM [12.5 LPM].
  • Multiple voltage and fitting connection options.

The Shurflo Electric Beverage Pump System utilizes our 8010 Series Low Voltage Pump to deliver liquid at a range of flow and pressure. Bag-In-Box (BIB) or non-pressurized systems are an ideal application fit for this pump.

Shurflo 2088 Series Transfer Pumps are high flow, low pressure pumps ideally suited for beverage and water applications such as city water pressure boost, portable cart water delivery, batch and transfer of product. These pumps activate automatically as line pressure drops and shut off when a preset pressure is achieved.

Shurflo 8025 (Non-Carbonated) Water Booster Pumps are designed for water delivery applications where low or fluctuating water pressure to the dispenser valve may result in an improperly brixed drink. The pump permits the operation of flow control valve(s); either one fast flow (2.5 oz./sec.) [0.07 l/sec.] or two standard flow (1.25 oz./sec.) [0.04 l/sec.].

Shurflo 8000 Series Delivery Pumps are ideal for high pressure applications requiring flow rates up to 1.7 GPM [6.4 LPM] with low amp draw. Spherically-shaped valves and diaphragms are available in a variety of materials to meet a wide range of applications.

Shurflo 8005 Series Carbonator Pumps have the same features as 8025 Series Water Boost Pumps, and are sized for small to medium carbonators.

Shurflo Electric Pump Products

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