Shurflo® Gas Pump Product Line

Solutions include BIB pumps for beverage, juice , condiment and beer dispensing applications.

Shurflo General Beverage BIB Pumps are heavy-duty, gas-driven (CO2 /Air) diaphragm pumps designed for the dispensing of Bag-in-Box (BIB) syrups, teas, juices, and wines. It utilizes a technically superior, straight-through flow path design to maximize performance by minimizing pressure drop. These long-life pumps feature an automatic demand and automatic sold out vacuum shutoff for ease of operation.

Shurflo BIB Pump Systems feature a number of pumps (one to three) mounted on a universal modular board (with quick-change pump mounting brackets), which can be quickly mounted on a wall. Other configurations are available upon request (minimum quantities required) featuring various combinations of fittings, inlet BIB tubing, air manifold and BIB connectors.

Shurflo Juice and Condiment BIB Pumps  use a straight-through flow path design which offers less restriction to allow more viscous fluids and particulates to be pumped. The pump valves have been modified using custom-designed materials compatible with all aggressive concentrates, including cranberry juice. The particulate valve will allow particulates up to 1/4" [6 mm] cubed, assuring fewer restrictions than other pumps on the market.

The Shurflo Beer Ace II Pumps are positive inlet pressure, gas operated pumps used to drive beer from the keg to the tap without over-carbonating the beer. These smooth flow, long-life pumps can handles long and difficult runs. Their enlarged pumping chambers and long piston stroke delivers desired the flow rate with fewer cycles and reduced wear.

Pentair offers a range of Shurlfo Gas Pump accessories such as regulating valves, BIB port fittings, quick disconnect clips, slide tracks and more.

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