Shurflo® RO Pump Product Line

Shurflo RO Booster Pumps operate quietly and offer reliable, long-lasting performance in reverse osmosis (RO) applications. Models are available in a variety of motor voltages, can be mounted in any position, and feature:

• Flow rates up to 150 GPD [570 LPD], and

• Operating pressures up to 140 PSI [9.6 BAR].

Shurflo 8010 RO Series Booster Pumps utilize a one-piece diaphragm design for long life and a wide performance. Its precision bypass system maintains a constant, safe outlet pressure regardless of changes in incoming city water pressure, enabling your RO system engineers to design systems with specific product water quality and production rates.

Shurflo 8075 Series High Performance Brushless D.C. RO Booster Pumps offer versatility, high-efficiency and long life. The pump head/motor combination in this particular unit makes it a versatile workhorse. Its robustly-built motor can handle the demanding requirements of  commercial RO systems, and its unique two-speed switch enables this single pump meets to meet the performance requirements of 150 or 200 GPD [570 or 760 LPD] RO system with a quick flip of a switch.

Shurflo 8075 Gold Series Pumps provide the ultimate in performance, reliability and quality in RO pumps. Its precision, built-in bypass maintains a constant, safe outlet pressure regardless of changes in incoming city water pressure. These pumps offer ultra- quiet performance and long operational life.

The Shurflo 80 Series RO Booster System features a high quality, continuous duty pump that provides a constant flow of feed water to the membrane, yet operates quietly. Its low voltage motor eliminates the risk of shock hazard.

The Shurflo 82 Series Low Voltage Delivery System comes ready to use – simply plumb, plug in and you’re in operation. This delivery pump system is designed to boost water to the faucet after the tank in an RO system.

Pentair offers a range of Shurlfo RO Booster Pump accessories such as power supplies, RO tanks and system control switches.

Shurflo RO Pump Products

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