Shurflo® Water Boost Product Line

Consistently deliver the high quality beverages that customers expect by boosting beverage equipment performance and maximize filter cartridge life.

As foodservice establishments continue to expand their beverage offerings, increased water usage can adversely impact operational performance. This, coupled with fluctuating city water flow and pressure, can lead to inconsistent drink quality, poor beverage dispenser performance and premature filter cartridge exhaustion.

Shurflo Water Boost Systems are designed for applications where low, fluctuating, or no water pressure exists. The system’s pump and accumulator tank work together to maintain consistent water pressure to one or more dispensing valves or faucets. The result? Beverage dispensing equipment produces the high quality drinks customers expect from your operation – consistently, even in periods of peak demand and water usage.

Our Mini, Medium and Maxi Water Boost Systems feature reliable Shurflo 8025 and 8095 Series Pumps which are self-priming and can run dry without damage. Medium and Maxi models also feature a replaceable bladder design. All models feature pumps and tanks that are NSF/UL/CSA-listed.

The SHURFLO® Water Boost & LVPO (Low Volume per Outlet) Filtration System is the premier product in the line, offering a complete, turnkey solution which provides high quality, filtered ingredient water to the fountain dispenser. This system was specifically designed for low syrup volume accounts with single dispensers serving up to 1,000 gallons [3,785 litres] of syrup per year. Its compact design provides boosted, filtered water to the fountain system and treated, non-boosted water to the ice machine.

Shurflo Water Boost Products

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