Shurflo® Water Regulating

Pentair offers several Shurflo-branded valve options to meet your water regulating needs.

Vacuum Regulating Valves (VRV)
Shurflo VRV’s allow beverage pumps and brix pumps to receive liquid from a pressurized source. These pumps are not designed to have positive liquid inlet pressure (except for Shurflo Beer Ace II Pumps). By positioning the vacuum regulator at the inlet of the pump, incoming liquid pressure is reduced to zero. This allows for the pumps to be plumbed in series for long distance pumping applications.

Automatic Selector Valves (ASV)
Shurflo ASV’s permit two or more syrups (BIBs) to be connected at the inlet port of the BIB pump. The BIB pump draws product through one side of the ASV until the BIB is evacuated and higher than normal vacuum is detected. Once the “switching” level of vacuum is obtained, the ASV automatically switches and begins drawing product from the BIB connected to the other side. The ASV permits uninterrupted drink dispensing and allows store personnel the ability to replace the BIBs at a convenient time.

Water Pressure Reducer Valves (WPRV)
Shurflo WPRV’s are fixed pressure, non-adjustable, water-reducing devices. A WPRV minimizes incoming water pressure fluctuations while guarding against pressure spikes. Actual pressure reduction is dependent upon input pressure and outlet flow rate.

Shurflo Water Regulating Products

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