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Foodservice operations are using more water today than ever before. A myriad of industry trends are driving that increased water demand and the resulting need for higher capacity water filtration systems including, but not limited to:

  • Foodservice Operators (FSO) are adding equipment and expanding beverage menus, requiring larger capacities and higher flow rates than ever before.
  • FSOs want one-year intervals between cartridge change-outs.
  • Beverage and prototype store trends indicate that future restaurant, grocery and convenience store water demands will only continue to increase.
  • Space is at a premium today, thus FSOs would like to run multiple pieces of water-using equipment off of a single filtration system if possible.

Pentair offers a range of Everpure Filtration System solutions that deliver capacities up to 200,000 gallons (757,082 litres) and flow rates up to 15 gpm (56.8 Lpm).

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